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Medical Ergonomics Program Malaysia

ERGOTHERAPY – Back Care and Slipped Disc Prevention

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What is Ergotherapy?

Ergotherapy is a pro active, holistic program consist of education, prevention, early detection, and treatment for all sorts of occupational related musculoskeletal disorder. In short, this is a part of ergonomic but focuses more on human being, rather than the equipment (eg: chair, desk). You can have the most ergonomic chair in the world but if you sit on it wrongly, lower back pain is almost certain. We focuses on educating through psycho-habitual behavior approach, early medical detection of disabling diseases such as PID, scoliosis, trigger finger, and many more.

Ergonomics is defined as fitting the working environment to workers and how to maximize the relationship between human and working system. The purpose of Occupational Health (on Ergonomics) Program such as Ergotherapy, is to ensure a work is done with minimum safety and health problem.

Prevent Lower Back Pain and PID

According to latest statistic in Malaysia, thousands of worker suffer from back pain and protruding intervertebral disc (PID). The number of cases are increasing in trend. On the other side, employer or company suffer losses due to worker absenteeism and medical certificate (MC) after being diagnosed with these two crippling diseases. It is estimated that company lost millions of ringgit because of medical bills payment, loss of productivity and worker replacement cost.

Who Needs It?

  • Worker with mild to moderate symptoms
  • All office and factory workers
  • Worker dealing with heavy loads
  • Company who wants to reduce medical bills
  • Company who cares about their worker’s health
  • Company who wants to improve worker’s productivity

Ergotherapy Objective?

  • Reduce disabling diseases (eg: PID, paralyse)
  • Prevent work-related muscle and joints disorder
  • Reduce company expensive medical bills
  • Manage absenteeism of sick employees
  • Improve worker productivity and wellness
  • Reduce unnecessary engineering control

Training Duration
1 day (9am – 5pm)

Training Level
Basic to advanced

Conducted by
Consultant OHD

Training Curriculum

  • Theory 30% 30%
  • Practical 60% 60%
  • Secret Session 10% 10%


Positive Feedback from Previous Participant

Why is ERGOTHERAPHY is Very Important ?

According to PERKESO (SOCSO) recent data (2010-2016), insurance payout trend is shifting from occupational noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) towards work-related muscle disorder. More and more workers are being diagnosed with serious musculoskeletal disease nowadays. Company (and the industry) is expected to suffer huge loss, both productivity and financially, because of sick (or under-perform) workers.

Is Prevention Program A Cost Effective Approach ?

YES ! This is what we believe to be the future of occupational safety and health industry. For the past 10 years practicing in this industry, we noticed many companies have 3 common issues, which are :-

  1. High medical bills
  2. Frequent worker MC & abseeintism
  3. High worker turnover (due to sickness)

These 3 problems more often than not, can be prevented. Yes, disease and injury do not just happen, there is a sequence or chain of event that leads to the incident. Tackling them at early stage is the key to a healthy and cost effective company. With the right knowledge and proper techniques, workers can be empowered to stay healthy, productive and safe at their workplace.




Training is an essential element to ergonomics program success. It ensures that workers are aware and be informed about ergonomics related concern in the workplace, early symptoms of MSD and its benefit to them.



Ergonomics is define as “Fitting the workplace to the workers”. This is where workplace intervention takes place. When the ergonomic risk factors and incompatibilities between the work and the worker are removed, it allows for maximum safe work performance and allow workers to achieve maximum productivity.



To optimize worker’s health is an investment, and the return on this investment is a healthier, and more productive employees. These program focusing on managing, monitoring and improving the health condition of employees (identified from Step 1: Training).


  • Less medical cost, sickness & absenteeism.
  • Faster relieve and safe recovery process from pain & discomfort.
  • Restore muscle flexibility and strength.
  • Increase in fitness level and good posture behavior.


  • To prevent / minimize musculoskeletal injuries by approaching workers at the beginning of their symptoms levels.
  • To lessen the costs and burden of musculoskeletal injuries to the workers and management.
  • To improve working health, quality of life and productivity of injured workers through integrated therapy approach and postural, musculation and manual handling training.
  • Close monitoring – Documentation on workers progression and feedback.
  • Time saving for the injured worker to maintain work productivity

Who We Are?

OH Mobile Services Sdn Bhd (183711-K) offers all kind of occupational health services. We are a group of medical doctors, nurses and physiotherapist specializing in the Occupational Health sector. Our founder who is also an occupational health specialist doctor (OHD) has vast experience in the field for more than 10 years.

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