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Medical Surveillance Program Malaysia

OSHA Occupational Medical Surveillance

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What is Medical Surveillance Services ?

Medical surveillance program is a continuous feedback monitoring cycle for workers who are exposed to a certain health hazards at workplace. Medical surveillance program can be further subdivided into biological monitoring, and biological effect monitoring. This periodic assessment is to ensure that employees who are exposed to hazardous environment are protected and stay healthy. Medical surveillance is also enforced by law in all countries including Malaysia. We are the leading medical surveillance service provider in the country, with an experienced Occupational Health Doctor (OHD) as our backbone.

Prevent Occupational Health Diseases

Everyday workers are expose to all kinds of hazard at the workplace. Inadequate protection can lead to occupational diseases such as mercury poisoning, lead poisoning, occupational cancer and many more. The advancement of occupational health industry in recent years has proven to greatly reduce the health risk. However, different workplace have different hazard, often more than one. Hence, a holistic approach is needed. Engaging with experienced occupational health service provider can offer both the workers and employer a peaceful night sleep!

Who Needs It?

  • Company with industrial chemical usage
  • Workers dealing with harmful health hazard
  • Employer concerns of law and regulation
  • Company who wants to reduce medical bills
  • Company who cares about their worker’s health
  • Company who wants to improve worker’s productivity

Medical Surveillance Objective?

  • Protect worker’s health from the start
  • Prevent all occupational diseases
  • Manage newly diagnosed occupational disease
  • Manage absenteeism of sick employees
  • Improve worker productivity and wellness
  • Provide optimum cost effective programme

Legal Requirement
OSHA 1994 & USECHH 2000

Depends on MS findings

Conducted by
Consultant OHD

Program Schedule

  • Workplace Visit 30% 30%
  • Laboratory Testing 60% 60%
  • Continuous Training 10% 10%


Positive Feedback from Previous Participant

Biological Monitoring VS Chemical Monitoring

According to PERKESO (SOCSO) recent data (2010-2016), insurance payout trend is shifting from occupational noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) towards work-related muscle disorder. More and more workers are being diagnosed with serious musculoskeletal disease nowadays. Company (and the industry) is expected to suffer huge loss, both productivity and financially, because of sick (or under-perform) workers.

Why is Medical Surveillance Important ?

YES ! This is what we believe to be the future of occupational safety and health industry. For the past 10 years practicing in this industry, we noticed many companies have 3 common issues, which are :-

  1. High medical bills
  2. Frequent worker MC & abseeintism
  3. High worker turnover

These 3 problems more often than not, can be prevented. Yes, disease and injury do not just happen, there is a sequence or chain of event that leads to the incident. Tackling them at early stage is the key to a healthy and cost effective company. With the right knowledge and proper techniques, workers can be empowered to stay healthy, productive and safe at their workplace.

Looking for Medical Surveillance Training ?

Medical surveillance program is tailored and unique to each company. Instead, if you are looking for general medical surveillance training and workshop, where you will learn :-

  • Legal requirements of medical surveillance
  • Introduction and Intrepretation of medical surveillance
  • Proper way to conduct a medical surveillance for your company

Who We Are?

OH Mobile Services Sdn Bhd (183711-K) offers all kind of occupational health services. We are a group of medical doctors, nurses and physiotherapist specializing in the Occupational Health sector. Our founder who is also an occupational health specialist doctor (OHD) has vast experience in the field for more than 10 years.

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