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Unsure About Your SOCSO & Insurance Claims ?

SOCSO (also known as PERKESO) is an authorized organization in Malaysia responsible for employees holistic program consist of education, prevention, and insurance claims for all sorts of workplace related disease or injury. All local employees in Malaysia are required by law, to get insured by SOCSO. Foreign workers are not covered by this this organization. Their main purpose is to promote prevention of workplace injury, disability or death, but if this unfortunately happens, SOCSO will provide some financial relief to the affected workers / family members.

Appeal Your Claim Properly, Higher Chance of Approval

Our principle consultant OHD, was one of the medical board of SOCSO, several years back. To apply for the claims, all requests must go through a process of evaluation by this medical board. Although most claims will be successful, some might not. And a portion of those affected workers who did not get approval are caused by not having a proper knowledge, they gave wrong input together with a weak paper work that led to their disapproved claim request by the medical board. Good news is you can appeal and by the help of our OHD, you can have a better outcome, if we can provide better and proper proof.

Who Needs Our Help?

  • Injured worker at workplace
  • Worker unable to continue working
  • Claim turn down by SOCSO

Reasons SOCSO Reject?

  • Case is doubtful
  • No proper evidence
  • No proper documentation
  • Do not follow procedure

Legal Requirement
SOCSO Policy

Procedure & Appeal

Conducted by
Consultant OHD

Claims Portion

  • Disability 30% 30%
  • Injury 68% 68%
  • Death 2% 2%


Good Feedback From Affected Workers

How and Why Some Claims Are Rejected by SOCSO?

Every claim is reviewed by a medical board of SOCSO. Its a collective decision, not only based on the post accident medical condition, but also the pre-accident condition of the worker and workplace. Be reminded that SOCSO can only approve a claim if one can prove that the sickness / injury / disability happened because of the work (eg: workplace environment, working nature). If it is not proven to be work-related, chances are, your claim stand a higher chance to be rejected.

If Claim Rejected, What Should We Do? – Try appeal.

Yes. All cases can go through an appeal process. However, there is a time frame, where only after some time has passed, you can appeal. Which is why, we always advice our clients, to only submit the claim, after you are sure that all procedures, requirements and documents are well prepared.

Can you come for our advice even before the 1st claim?
– Yes, of course.

What is the chances of approval, after appeal process?
– Depends from case to case. Worth the wait & effort.


Looking for SOCSO Claims Training ?

If you are looking for SOCSO / Insurance Claim training and workshop, where you will learn :-

  • How SOCSO Medical Board decide on claims approval
  • How to prepare all documentations before submitting a claim
  • Case studies and strategies to improve your approval chance

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