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Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) Training

NIHL and Audiogram Interpretation Training in Malaysia

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Who We Are?

OH Mobile Services Sdn Bhd (1183711-K) offers noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) training. We are a group of medical doctors, nurses and physiotherapist specializing in the Occupational Health sector. Our founder who is also an occupational health specialist doctor (OHD) has vast experience in the field for more than 10 years.

Occupational NIHL Workshop

This training not only focus on the basics, such as Permissable Exposure Limit (PEL), complying to DOSH guidelines, and personal protection exquipment (PPE), we analyze your noisy working environment data, provide training tailored to your workplace. A customized training, unique to your workplace and to your workers only.
How different you may ask? Read the following explanation :-

  • Focus more on practical solution than just theory
    – We understand that theory can be confusing sometimes, especially for workers. We focus more on the practical solution as much as we can.
  • Customized to your workplace
    – Each company / factory workers are exposed to different working environment, even if they are in the same industry! The setting inside the factory is different, the workers’s health varies, so a training is only going to benefit, if it is tailored to your workplace. Definitely not a template training or “one size fits all” !
  • Best practice & DOSH Guidelines
    – We understand that some effective measures may require huge financial burden towards employer. Which is not feasible at times. We also specialized in helping companies to come up with the best practice solution while following the DOSH guidelines. This will not only save you alot of money, but will also give you peace of mind (from DOSH visit).
Training Duration
2 days (9am – 5pm)

Training Level
Basic to advanced

HRDF Status

Training Curriculum

  • Theory 30% 30%
  • Practical 60% 60%
  • Secret Session 10% 10%


Positive Feedback from Previous Participant

Who Should Attend?

  • Safety Health Officer (SHO)
  • Safety Site Supervisor (SSS)
  • Company Management (Human resource, finance, ect)
  • Labor Worker
  • Worker with hearing loss

Training Objective?

  • Identify your the risk of developing oNIHL workers
  • Provide cost-effective practical solution to prevent oNIHL
  • Manage the health condition of already-affected workers with NIHL
  • Prevent worsening of oNIHL for affected workers
  • Improve workers compliance to PPE
  • Comply to DOSH and all nessasary guidelines

What is oNIHL?

Occupational Noise Induced Hearing Loss (oNIHL) is a medical condition whereby an individual is experiencing hearing loss because of his/her noisy workplace. Hearing loss can be due to infection, tumors, trauma, occupation and many more, but as an established occupational health service provider in Malaysia, we only focus on occupational related hearing loss. Workers that are continously exposed to noisy working environment, after a period of time, may develop hearing loss. Workplace such as shipyard, quarry, and many more are at high risk of getting oNIHL workers.

Why this training is important?

Its a legal requirement here in Malaysia, that all noisy workplace will need to provide training to their respective workers. Failure to comply with these regulation may cause company to be fined by DOSH or even worst, ordered to stop operating. This is a serious matter. Providing effective training is proven to reduce company cost in the long run.