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Comprehensive Back to Work Program

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What is Return to Work Program ?

In our Return to work program (RTW), we advice employer and employee on how to manage sick / injured workers. This program has the biggest impact when it comes to dealing with worker who cannot work for a long period of time. Many employers are stuck in a dilemma whether or not to terminate a non-productive worker (who became unproductive because of health / injury related). A non justice termination of workers can lead to legal consequences. Let our consultant OHD advice you on what is the best practice according to the law (eg: OSHA, Employment Act ect) in order to tackle this issue.

Return Back to Work Faster

Note that many injured / sick workers can get back to their previous working productiveness, if proper management is done. The longer and more severe the injury or sickness is, the longer it takes to recover. This program really depends on the condition of the worker. For chronic cases, return to work program is done stage by stage.

Who Needs It?

  • Sick workers due to health problem
  • Injured worker at workplace
  • Worker on chronic medical leave
  • Company who wants to reduce medical bills
  • Company who is in dilemma to terminate workers
  • Company who wants to improve worker’s productivity

RTW Objective?

  • Protect worker from worsening of sickness
  • Restore worker productiveness
  • Manage chronic medical leave (MC)
  • Manage absenteeism of sick employees
  • Do justice to both workers & employee
  • Avoid costly legal consequences

Legal Requirement
OSHA & Employment Act

Most Concern
Terminate / Compensate

Conducted by
Consultant OHD

Program Schedule

  • Evaluation 20% 20%
  • Execution 70% 70%
  • Monitoring 10% 10%


Positive Feedback from Previous Participant

Is Prolonged MC following an Injury / Disease, a Liability?

A worker who got sick or injured because of exposure to hazard at workplace should get a proper management. At the same time, we should also do justice to the employer, as the company productivity will affect other workers as well. Getting the affected worker into a holistic return to work program, not only will increase their chance of getting back to pre-injury productivity but also prevent further complication (eg: mental stress, muscle wasting ect). A responsible employer should try their best to restore the affected worker’s productivity back to normal. If fail, despite enrolling into a good return to work program, then a compensation or termination is a just decision.

Why Return to Work Programme is Important ?

YES ! This is what we believe to be the future of occupational safety and health industry. For the past 10 years practicing in this industry, we noticed many companies have 3 common issues, which are :-

  1. High medical bills
  2. Frequent worker MC & absenteeism
  3. High employees turnover

These 3 problems more often than not, can be prevented. Yes, disease and injury do not just happen, there is a sequence or chain of event that leads to the accident. Tackling them at early stage is the key to a healthy and cost effective approach. With the right knowledge and proper techniques, workers can be empowered to restore their working productivity and return to work as soon as possible.


Looking for Return to Work Program Training?

Return to work program is tailored and unique to each workplace. One of recommended training for the company management. If you are looking for return to work training and workshop, where you will learn :-

  • Importance of RTW program
  • Case studies & legal cases review
  • Proper way to perform this program

Who We Are?

OH Mobile Services Sdn Bhd (183711-K) offers all kind of occupational health services. We are a group of medical doctors, nurses and physiotherapist specializing in the Occupational Health sector. Our founder who is also an occupational health specialist doctor (OHD) has vast experience in the field for more than 10 years.

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